LUSKVILLE, QC (July 22th 2008) – Luskville Dragway has always prided itself on allowing the drivers a say in what goes on at their track and have done so over the years as the track has grown in leaps and bounds. And we are happy to say that once again the drivers have come forward with what they believe is a change that is the right thing to do at this time in our racing world. Things are different today as gas prices get to the point where it cost you more to get too the races than anyone can even imagine.

So with that as a back drop we would like to announce that with the agreement of everyone we spoke to we are re structuring the payouts in Super Pro for the Bracket Bonanza, with the concept to be pushed forward at all of our big dollar bracket races in the future. The idea of the big dollar payout was always to attract more cars and it did work in years past but we believe now that if we spread the wealth around a little bit more we will attract even more, we know that some may not agree with this, some may think it is one racer born, this is not true, I have listened to the teams and believe me I don’t always agree with them but on this it makes a great deal of sense and I believe will be good for our track and our events. What we have done is take money from the winners share of the purse and distribute it through the rest of the top sixteen making it so if you get to the top sixteen you will when at least $250.

2008 BRACKET BONANZA PAYOUT FOR BOTH DAYS ARE AS FOLLOWS : winner $6000.00 runner up $2000. semi finalist $1000. quarter finalist $500. top sixteen $250.

Arnie Malcolm