QUEBEC (April 11th, 2009) –After an unexpected and very successfull 2008 season, the drag race serie is back at the Sanair race track for the 2009 season.

The formula for the Super Pro and Sportsman classes will be the same as last year, but the $10 inscription fee for the SxT index will not be mandatory.

The new “Street” class will be part of 4 events. Motorcycles and compact cars will also be in action in 2 events. Quebec’s futures stars of drag racing will compete in the new Jr.Dragster class 3 times this coming season.

Many “special events” will be presented in 2009. The Quick 16 class will be in action 4 times this season. E.T. Bracket races will be held on June 21, August 26 and September 27. Drag racing fans will also assist a “Top Sportsman” and “Top Dragster” style race on sunday July 5th and 2 “Outlaw” style races on June 20th and July 15th, presented by the new QHRA, “Quebec Heads Up Racing Association”.

For some years, many ultra-fast cars have been appearing on different race tracks in Quebec. For the first time, these “war machines” will meet on August 29 and 30 for the very special “KILLER MAN’S RACE”. The 8 fastest cars will battle honors in a heads-up style race. $1000 will be awarded to the winner of this exciting confrontation!

On July 18 and 19, more than $20,000 in purse will be awarded with the presentation of the “Canadian National Open” sponsored by “Le Roi du Camion”. Two days of intense action for the fan of big purses, bracket style races. For the Sportsman class, $1500 will be awarded to the winner on saturday and $3000 for the winner on sunday. For the Super Pro class, $3000 will be awarded to the winner on saturday and the winner on sunday will leave with $5000 in his pockets!

For more informations about the serie, visit the official web site